OC Home, a unique home furnishings and accessories retailer headquartered in UAE, is renowned for its minimalist, modern designs and keen focus on functionality. At the heart of the created identity lies meticulous branding, characterized by cohesive elements that seamlessly resonate with OC Home’s values and aesthetics. Our logo design embodies the brand’s essence, serving as a succinct representation of its character. It encapsulates the fusion of modernism and functionality.

In parallel, our packaging design and art direction for the store design complements this ethos, ensuring that every element in OC Home is a testament to the brand’s dedication to a cohesive and visually pleasing customer experience. The packaging and store design are not merely functional; they are an extension of the brand’s design philosophy, speaking to the customer from the moment they interact with the brand.




Art Direction / Branding/

Packaging / Marketing Materials /

Signage Design/ Uniform Design