Sapsa Bedding is a leading Italian brand in the production of latex blocks and mattresses for over 90 years. The brand is known for its continuous development and innovation for the sole purpose of improving rest and the quality of life.


Develop a brand identity that represents the uniqueness, elegance and quality of Sapsa’s products in a modern form.


Sleep, night and moon shape were the main factors from which Sapsa’s new brand identity emerged. First, we created an abstract lines from what’s know in the industry as “the optimal spinal alignment” shape of the body on the right mattress. Then, we incorporated the idea of the moon shapes in its different stages as it holds strong associations to sleep, beds and night time. We also chose an industrial typographic style for the brand name to reinforce the industrial aspect of the brand in manufacturing 100% latex and spring mattresses. For the color palette, we selected black and gold to highlight the luxury feeling of the brand and premium quality.